Building on Engineering Excellence

ACS is the synonym for a forward-thinking engineering team. We create intelligent engineering solutions and offer a wide range of technical services for clients in diverse industrial sectors. Equipped with an in-depth understanding about project execution and extensive technical experience, our highly-trained specialists plan, design, manage and engineer sustainable and efficient solutions to solve complex problems in every corner of the world.


From our local beginnings in the Czech Republic to a global presence – over the last 16 years ACS has experienced steady growth and development of its service portfolio and competence areas. With every milestone we reached in our history, we extended our unique knowledge base, acquired international reputation and increased our worldwide network. Every single step in our development enabled us to reach our goal of being the first choice for our clients, partners and employees. Whatever project you want to realize. We’ve got your back.


  • More than 160 experienced technicians and engineers
  • More than 450 successfully completed projects worldwide
  • 16 years of experience in project business
  • Certified according to ISO 14001, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001
  • 87% of our clients order our services again
  • Expertise in 5 business areas: Energy, Oil & Gas,
  • Automotive, Chemical and Industrial Plants
  • 6 branches around the globe (DE, CZ, AT, BG, CA, SA)
  • Our promise: We will process every request within 48 hours

Success not only depends on the quality of our work, it also correlates to our attitude and the way we treat our clients, employees and colleagues.


We look after one another and we don’t take our relationships for granted. Even in uncertain times, we remain loyal to our employees and to our clients. For us, loyalty is the key to successful relationships and a result of trust, honesty and respect, which guide us in everything we do.


Our passion excites us and drives us forward. We love what we do, and we seek for perfection, therefore we strive for improvement day by day – in our technical and interpersonal skills, our corporate culture and the services we provide.


We treat our business partners and each other with respect. We take responsibility for our actions and the impact they have on others. We negotiate transparently, we keep our word and we believe in fair competition and equal opportunities.


To work effectively together, we care about a strong relationship with our coworkers and clients. We not only work together to reach common goals – to finalize a project, to satisfy a customer, to develop our company and to maintain a collaborative environment. We also strive to develop new business opportunities together with our clients. Together we can master any challenge.


We are not afraid to try something new, only because no one else has done it before. We encourage each other to think out-of-the-box in order to find new ways to solve problems. It is our open-minded approach that enables us to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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