You are four steps from your next career leap

New job opportunities are constantly emerging at ACS, hopefully soon we can call you our colleague too!

Application Proccess
Step 1

After sending your application documents to us, you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Our recruitment team will screen your application and check if you meet the requirements of the respective position.

Step 2

If your professional background suits to the job profile, you will be added to our candidates list and your application will be reviewed by the responsible project manager. Afterwards we will arrange a telephone interview with you. This is an opportunity to assess if you fit for the role and your chance to ask us any burning questions your may have so far.

Step 3

The personal interview. This will comprise a general discussion to gain a better understanding of your personal suitability for the job and your motivation. Depending on the role you apply for, the interview will as well include a more in-depth competence-based discussion which helps us to find out if your education and professional experience fits to specific requirements. At this stage you will meet the project manager and the responsible person of our recruitment team.
If you applied for a position in our team and your interview has been successful, our recruiter will contact you to make you a personal offer – Welcome to ACS!

Step 4

In case that you applied for a project-based vacancy we will let you know after the first interview if you reached the next phase in the application process – the job interview with our customer. Once you have convinced our client that you are the perfect match for the open position, our recruitment team will deliver you the positive message that you got the job – Congratulations!
Depending on the country or project location we will help you to prepare for your new role. Don’t worry: everything will be communicated in advance and you will have enough time to get the necessary documents ready.

All applicants will be updated during the application process. From the moment of receiving your application to the point of acceptance or rejection it will take around two weeks if nothing unforeseen happens.

If this time your profile did not match the position, we encourage you to frequently check our open positions. With your consent, we will hold on to your application for future consideration.

New job opportunities are constantly emerging at ACS, hopefully soon we can call you our colleague too!

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