Building on engineering excellence
means building on people

ACS is a synonym for a forward-thinking engineering team that empowers our customers with intelligent solutions. Thanks to our global network of highly qualified engineers and technicians we can provide our clients with operational excellence wherever and whenever needed.

We know that extraordinary performance is only possible with a passionate and skilled team. Therefore, it is our declared goal to offer our employees not only a workplace but an attractive environment which gives them the opportunity to live up to their full potential.
ACS is constantly in motion. We are always looking for innovative ways to solve problems. This means that change and transformation are constant companions at ACS. We are seeking for perfection. Our approach is our continuous strive for improvement.
We combine our efforts to achieve the best results. Our employees are the foundation of our business – together we move forward and master any challenge – across any border. Passion and collaborative partnership turns us into an unbeatable team.
We convince our business partners with extraordinary services. To ensure complete satisfaction, we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Success is not just about giving your very best, it’s about getting better every day. Therefore, we encourage the personal and professional development of our colleagues by providing a challenging and rewarding work environment.
“ACS represents a melting pot of different backgrounds and nationalities for me. You rise and fall together, learn from your mistakes and learn something new every day. ACS is the perfect proof that different cultures can work together efficiently, determined and above all respectfully. We are motivated to achieve goals not as individuals but as a hardworking team. ”
– Ida Mocek
“At ACS you learn something new every day and you get in touch with people from all around the world. We’re a company full of life and laughter, where the friendly atmosphere lets you sometimes even forget you’re at work. Everyone strives for continuous improvement and pushes the limits to new levels.”
– David Sladic
“ACS is in my opinion a young dynamic and successful company. Every time it is a pleasure and a great opportunity to work there and being a part of this team.”
– Bartek Slezenko
“I appreciate the open communication and the flat hierachies, which gives the freedom to unfold my ideas and wishes in a young and fresh team, where the employee is seen as human and where the social interaction are on a familiar level as well.”
– Sabine Illner
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