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We offer complex and customized solutions according to individual and specific customer requirements. We undertake the planning and organization of everything from individual switchgear cabinets to highly complex switchgear systems. We also develop and design switchgear and electrical distribution systems, switchgear for control technology, control and protection systems or building management systems.



Client Diefffenacbher
Duration: 2015
Type of plant / technology: MDF
Location: Mexico

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Solutions from ACS

Electrical engineering design

The dependence on electrical systems has increased significantly in the last decades. Well-designed and properly implemented electrical equipment can significantly improve the performance of a plant, while competent and regular maintenance ensures smooth operation, extends the life cycle and saves energy. ACS offers customized solutions for this, including electrical engineering design of components, control cabinets, and low-voltage and high-voltage distribution systems. The Electrical and System Engineering department at ACS is divided into four areas:

Electrical Engineering

In the electrical engineering division, we specialize in industries in the power, chemical, oil & gas, offshore, automotive and industrial sectors. Our qualified electrical engineers design electrical distribution and auxiliary systems as well as UPS or battery systems.

Control cabinet construction

Our specialists in control cabinet construction design control cabinets for distributed control systems. Not only are we able to design DCS systems or PLC control cabinets, we are also highly skilled programmers who develop algorithms of functional diagrams and create logic diagrams based on our customers' functional descriptions. Our specialists are certified to program Scada systems on Wonderware and WinCC software.


From consulting and project planning, design and software development to switchgear construction, electrical installation and commissioning, ACS offers all automation services from a single source.

Gas-insulated switchgear

Our specialists in switchgear construction not only design control cabinets for distributed control systems. We also specialize in gas-insulated switchgear. In recent years, we have further expanded and focused our activities in this segment. Our specialists are certified for FS6 work, we support you in the entire production and assembly process.

Our experienced team of engineers creates customized solutions according to specific customer requirements and needs, from the basic design of the solution to the complete construction and production documentation. The electrical engineering department and the production workshop are located together on 800sqm floor space, ensuring their cooperation during the production process and FAT tests. The use of the latest versions of the electrical engineering software EPLAN, AutoCAD and Engineering Base gives us the suitable possibility for high flexibility and acceleration of our processes. Build on technical excellence! This is our promise to you.

  • Basic and detailed design
  • Electrical design for machines, as a part of technological systems
  • Detailed design of production documentation of switchboards
  • Design of automation systems, design of measurement systems
  • Software solutions for SCADA and I&C
  • Design of control and protection systems for substations
  • Label design and engraving
  • Planning of cable routes and cabling capacity
  • Quality management
  • Project management

Control cabinet construction

Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to elaborate, design and implement high customer requirements always flawlessly and smoothly. We develop electrical distribution systems, control cabinets and switchgear at the highest level. We produce innovative, automated technology for mechanically modified switchboards, and switchgear. With our leading technology solutions and services and our all-around carefree package, we create more opportunities and value for your business.

In addition, we perform factory acceptance testing (FAT) of complete functional assemblies, including control and protection systems, in our manufacturing facility for use in industrial plants or power plants. We follow the strictest manufacturing standards and quality control measures at all stages of our manufacturing process. ACS electrical and control equipment is manufactured according to European and international standards. Our know-how is based on many years of experience in the assembly and installation supervision of electrical and automation solutions. With our products we want to make your work easier, guarantee a comfortable electrical installation and ensure a long service life. Because we know what really matters in practice.



  • Software planning
  • Hardware planning
  • Assembly
  • Wiring
  • Testing
  • Commissioning
Flexible manufacturing methods:


  • Terminal boxes
  • control panels
  • single cabinets
  • series cabinets


  • special production
  • prototype construction
  • variant production
  • series production


  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


From consulting and project planning, design and software development to switchgear construction, electrical installation and commissioning, ACS offers all automation services from a single source. We cover the entire range of services for the production and assembly of a wide variety of switchgear, from individual switchgear to highly complex technical equipment, thus supporting all products and services related to automation/control.

We offer serial and individual production of switchboards and their parts. Our experienced engineers create the required production documentation in DXF format based on the customer's documentation. Subsequent import of DXF data reduces the human error rate and increases the precision of the finished product. Production documentation can be part of the delivery. Compared to traditional manual modifications, MODCente 163 brings significant time savings. No measuring, no manual drilling and cutting. With us, you have one responsible contact person, from initial consultation to after-sales service. This not only makes things easier for you, it also ensures a smooth process and clear responsibilities. One of our strengths is the development of holistic and integrated solutions. We first discuss your requirements and ideas together, design in E-Plan and then implement the individual switchgear construction. With regard to our customers' wishes, we specialize in the following types of switchgear.

  • Low and medium voltage
  • I&C (control and regulation technology)
  • Gas insulated switchgear
  • Reduction of waste or unwanted by-products
  • Reduction of downtime
  • Coordination of process commissioning

Gas-insulated switchgear

Are you looking for a sustainable energy supply? The substation integrated switchgear controls and protects the power grid/transmission network from outages and enables a reliable power supply, also you can reduce the environmental impact. Due to the design as well as construction method, GIS plants require less area. The increasing energy demand as well as decentralized feed-ins pose great challenges to the power grid and its operators. The topic of sustainability is becoming more and more important. For this reason, it is important for us to rethink and join forces with suppliers of such gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). This is where proven standards and the latest technology meet. At the same time, they go beyond current standards and show the way. Our experts are active in the field of gas-insulated switchgear, particularly in substations. In this segment, we can implement your requirements and wishes individually.

In GIS plants, our technicians and engineers carry out SF6 work and are specialists in this field. We support you in the entire production and assembly process. From planning and implementation to commissioning, highly competent technicians and engineers as well as business experts are available for your project. Our qualified team is at your side during the entire implementation. During the installation work, our experts will perform properly and smoothly as well as on time. We always aim to act in the best interest of the client / customer. We ensure safe and fast installation of the equipment, in compliance with strict regulations such as QHSE. After completion of the successful activities, all switchboard devices and electrical circuits are tested for proper functioning.

Energy suppliers:


  • Substations
  • Switching stations
  • Transfer stations
  • Decentralized power generation


  • Planning and design
  • erection
  • Disassembly
  • construction management
  • Cable laying
  • commissioning
  • SF6 work
  • quality inspection
  • securing of work
  • Work safety

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